Sourcing our seafood – from fresh wild varieties to organic farmed fish

Ultra-fresh fish

At Sutton & Sons’ Fishmongers, we pride ourselves on sourcing the finest fish possible. We buy our fresh seafood direct from the day boats of Essex and other UK coastal fishing ports, and from Billingsgate, the UK’s largest fish market. This means that our fish and shellfish are as fresh as possible.

Sustainable sources

We also promote the use of farmed fish, as it not only helps to replenish depleted fish stocks, but can also be more cost-effective.

Our Scottish salmon comes from the Orkney Islands at the top of Scotland. Here, the farmers section off large parts of the cold, clean ocean and raise the fish using natural feeds (with no growth steroids) in an environment as close as you can get to the wild.

As well as salmon, we also offer organically farmed halibut and trout, along with farm-raised tilapia and cat fish.

Wherever possible, we use farmed species that have been Freedom Food labelled. This means that it’s been assessed to strict RSPCA standards, which cover the entire life cycle of the fish.